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Wedding | Stu & Sal | Mosman

Last weekend I had the privilege, and absolute pleasure, of being second photographer and assistant to my good friend, Callan Robison at the wedding of Stuart and Sally.

From the moment I arrived and met Stu I felt i'd known him for longer than just a moment. And from the moment I met Sal I could see why we were gathered there that day. The two of them shared this happiness and peace that was contagious...the whole day felt effortless, and as the afternoon ticked away I sat back and thought to myself, "This is the way a wedding should happen".

To tell the truth, what I really thought was, "This is the way life should happen".

Stu and Sal are an amazing couple, and Saturday was an amazing day. Thank you, Stuart, Sally, and Callan, for allowing me to be a part of something very special.

To see Callan's entire blog post and photos, click HERE. For the moment, here's my short take on the day.

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These pictures are teeming with exuberance. They are so lively and beautiful. You composed them to perfection and I would not have done it any other way.

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