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One Foot In Front Of The Other

The first date she and I went on began with a walk. It started at Central train station and ended at Town Hall, but we had lunch in Glebe on the way and it was amazing. I still remember what I was wearing and how nervous I felt that afternoon in November. Was I dressed well enough? Was I intelligent enough? Apart from a very fleeting meeting in a group of people a year earlier, we hadn't seen each other in person for 7 years. Sure, we'd spoken. Many times in fact. But I could compare nothing to the first moment I saw Giuliana that day.

Fast-forward three and a half years, and I still get that same leap inside me every time I see Giuls. She looks as radiant and beautiful now as she did then. She still listens to me in the same way, and uses the same analogies when explaining things she's passionate about. She argues as fervently for what she believes in as she did that day, but remains as open-minded as she was then too. She supports me in whatever silly decisions I make, and will always offer her hand when things go awry. And she still loves to walk. And now so do I.

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